administracion condominios santo domingo republica dominicanaAmong our many specialized services, we offer management for residential and commercial condominiums. We focus on maintaining a high level of quality in the operation of the unit, the handling of its finances, and legal compliance.

It is our goal to provide transparent and committed management service amid the many demands of the property.

Our service is classified in three categories, as follows:



Condominium Maintenance

condoWe take care of daily operations for the condominium and the coordination of various employees and services (custodians, housekeeping, electricians, plumbers, gardeners, fumigation, etc.), as well as provide timely emergency assistance.

Administrative Services

condo2We take care of all accounts for the condominium. In addition, we collect rent, payments, handle accounting, and optimally manage resources in order to maintain good financial health.

Asesoría Legal

condo3We ensure compliance with regulations, both internal and external. We work with absolute clarity and transparency, and consistently assess any legal issues related to the condominium.

Our Administrative and Maintenance Services for Condominiums include:

Condominium Maintenance

  • Administration of employees and subcontracted services of the condominium: cleaning, security, counseling, electricity, plumbing, gardening, pool care, fumigation, power supplies, etc.
  • Maintenance of the water pump, automatic doors, alarm systems, and intercoms
  • 24-hour emergency assistance
  • Consulting for the beautification and decoration of common areas.
  • We ensure compliance with internal regulations.

Administrative services

  • Accountability for the condominium.
  • Collection management for maintenance and/or rental fees.
  • Punctual payment of all services in common areas (water, light, telephones, trash, etc.)
  • Monthly delivery of financial statements.

Legal Consultations and Additional Benefits

  • We work with absolute clarity and transparency.
  • Legal Consultation for the condominiums.


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