customs tax in the Dominican Republic

Individuals who establish their residence in the country may be exempt from paying customs tax in the Dominican Republic for personal furnishings. In order to be eligible for this exemption, you would need to fall into one of the following categories: Dominican citizens coming to retire Foreign nationals who establish their residence in the country There is […]

visa in the dominican republic by investment

In other articles, we have explored the different benefits of the Incentives and Tax Exemptions available for holders of Residence Visa in the Dominican Republic by Investment through Law 171-07  in the category of: Retiree ; and Rentier One of the most important reasons is the different Tax Exemptions granted to beneficiaries of these categories. IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: the tax levied on INCOME GENERATED ABROAD applicable to persons […]

Adult adoption in the Dominican Republic

A common question one might ask is if it is possible to adopt an adult in the Dominican Republic, the answer is, Yes. In general and common practice, adoptions usually involve minors, however, Adult Adoptions are also admitted in the Dominican Republic, so we will be explaining how this process is managed through the courts of the country. This process is […]

Capital Gains Tax in the Dominican Republic

Let’s talk about Capital Gains Tax in the Dominican Republic, establishing its application and when it needs to be paid. It is always important to be familiar with the taxation system in any given country, both for its residents/citizens, as well as anyone who plans to immigrate to the Dominican Republic. We have stated previously that […]

Notarios en República Dominicana

En base a la Ley número 140-15, del año 2015, la cual regula a los notarios en República Dominicana, establece que los notarios: “son oficiales públicos instituidos por el Estado para recibir, interpretar y redactar los actos, contratos, declaraciones y hacer comprobaciones de hechos que personalmente ellos ejecutan, a los cuales otorga la autenticidad inherente […]

El embargo en República Dominicana

Un embargo se puede definir como el medio de ejecución forzada por el cual un acreedor luego de cumplir con los requisitos establecidos en la ley hace poner en manos de la justicia los bienes de su deudor, con el fin de que dichos bienes se puedan vender en pública subasta y poder así obtener […]

Property Boundary

If you have ever wondered what a determination of Property Boundary Lines is, how this process works in the Dominican Republic, as well as its uses and advantages, we will provide you with a detailed explanation of the subject in this article. According to the Dominican Constitution in Article 51: “The State recognizes and guarantees the right to property. […]

Prenuptial property separation agreement

Many people have heard about the prenuptial property separation agreement, so in this article, we will try to briefly explain how these agreements work in this country, as well as the associated advantages and risks. A prenuptial agreement (prenup for short) is a contract between two individuals who intend to marry each other. Prior to the marriage, this agreement is […]

Inheritance tax in the Dominican Republic

Inheritance tax in the Dominican Republic

Taxation is one of the most important topics for a citizen of any country, and on that note, we have a similar prevailing topic of significant importance, since it has a profound impact on people and no possibility of avoiding it. The matter in question is Inheritance Tax in the Dominican Republic, we will be addressing this […]