Embargoes in the Dominican Republic

An embargo can be defined as the means of forceful enforcement by which a creditor, after complying with the requirements established by the law, brings the assets of their debtor to justice. This imposition is implemented for the purpose of selling said assets at public auctions, thus allowing the creditor to obtain what is owed by the debtor […]

notaries in the Dominican Republic

Law 140-15, of 2015, regulates notaries in the Dominican Republic and establishes the following: Notaries “are public officials instituted by the State to receive, interpret and draft acts, contracts, and declarations, as well as verifying acts that they personally carry out, which grants these documents the authenticity commonly inherent in acts of public authority and endows them with a specific date”. […]

Retire in the Dominican Republic

Retire in the Dominican Republic can be an attractive option for many people, due to the advantages that the country offers to foreign nationals. These advantages range from the possibility of living tax-free, to enjoying a relaxing life, and an excellent climate, among others. In this article we will explain why retire in the Dominican Republic can be the […]


Cybercrime, such as scams and extortion, has been on the rise for some time, this happens as a result of a society where technology plays a very important role. Although we do not realize it, many times these technologies facilitate and provide a habitual way for the perpetration of crime and even generate new types of infractions, […]

Visitation rights in the Dominican Republic

Visitation Rights in the Dominican Republic are rights carried by the parent who does not have custody of the child. In practical terms, the parents can mutually agree on a type of visitation schedule, but they also have the option of having a Judge determine the best course of action based on the specific case. Despite the fact that […]

Investment in the Dominican Republic

In this article, we will be explaining everything related to Investment in the Dominican Republic, along with the Tax Benefits and Incentives currently available, designed to attract Foreign Investment to the Dominican Republic. In other articles, we have elaborated on several topics of interest referring to Business and Investment in the Dominican Republic, such as Investment Opportunities in the Dominican Republic and Profitable Businesses […]

Travel Ban in the Dominican Republic

Travel ban in the Dominican Republic

A Travel Ban in the Dominican Republic may apply for both Dominicans and foreign nationals and is nothing more than a restriction from leaving the country. This restriction may be issued by court order at the request of one of the parties involved in the proceedings. What are the reasons why a Travel Ban would be implemented in […]

customs tax in the Dominican Republic

Individuals who establish their residence in the country may be exempt from paying customs tax in the Dominican Republic for personal furnishings. In order to be eligible for this exemption, you would need to fall into one of the following categories: Dominican citizens coming to retire Foreign nationals who establish their residence in the country There is […]

visa in the dominican republic by investment

In other articles, we have explored the different benefits of the Incentives and Tax Exemptions available for holders of Residence Visa in the Dominican Republic by Investment through Law 171-07  in the category of: Retiree ; and Rentier One of the most important reasons is the different Tax Exemptions granted to beneficiaries of these categories. IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: the tax levied on INCOME GENERATED ABROAD applicable to persons […]