Civil Law

derechos y deberes de los trabajadores dominicanos

En esta oportunidad hablaremos de los derechos y deberes de los trabajadores dominicanos asi como de algunas situaciones que se pueden presentar en el ámbito laboral, las cuales han sido cuestiones de las que hemos recibido preguntas en los últimos meses. Derechos de los trabajadores dominicanos: Libertad sindical: Los trabajadores tienen derecho a formar sindicatos […]

take legal action against a hotel over an accident in the Dominican Republic

Yes, you may take legal action against a hotel over an accident in the Dominican Republic, if this accident occurred inside the premises of the hotel and the injury occurred due to negligence. However, we often say that before we even consider pressing charges, we should determine if there is sufficient evidence to win that suit. […]

Embargoes in the Dominican Republic

An embargo can be defined as the means of forceful enforcement by which a creditor, after complying with the requirements established by the law, brings the assets of their debtor to justice. This imposition is implemented for the purpose of selling said assets at public auctions, thus allowing the creditor to obtain what is owed by the debtor […]

notaries in the Dominican Republic

Law 140-15, of 2015, regulates notaries in the Dominican Republic and establishes the following: Notaries “are public officials instituted by the State to receive, interpret and draft acts, contracts, and declarations, as well as verifying acts that they personally carry out, which grants these documents the authenticity commonly inherent in acts of public authority and endows them with a specific date”. […]

Prenuptial property separation agreement

Many people have heard about the prenuptial property separation agreement, so in this article, we will try to briefly explain how these agreements work in this country, as well as the associated advantages and risks. A prenuptial agreement (prenup for short) is a contract between two individuals who intend to marry each other. Prior to the marriage, this agreement is […]

Inheritance tax in the Dominican Republic

Inheritance tax in the Dominican Republic

Taxation is one of the most important topics for a citizen of any country, and on that note, we have a similar prevailing topic of significant importance, since it has a profound impact on people and no possibility of avoiding it. The matter in question is Inheritance Tax in the Dominican Republic, we will be addressing this […]

Legal Incapacity

Legal Incapacity and Judicial Interdiction are very sensitive topics, due to the social, legal, and emotional repercussions they can have on a family or in general. Requesting the incapacitation of an elderly individual, and consequently, having them under Legal Guardianship, is not an easy decision to make and it is not a simple process. Legal Guardianship is considered part of Family Law, […]

Mediation lawyer

As an attorney, working as a mediation lawyer has become crucial in the professional practice of law, since it hopes to facilitate conflict resolution in a more amicable manner. An attorney is a legal professional who is qualified to explain and interpret laws and to handle legal matters in general. Additionally, an attorney is a representative in the legal field who […]

Change Name in Dominican Republic

Anyone in the Dominican Republic can request a name change, the same logic applies to making an addition to existing names. This is regulated by Law No. 659 from July 17th, 1944 on Civil Status Acts, which states the following: Requirements; Steps; Costs. Is changing a name simple? We will not say that the process is quick or easy, only that […]

bien de familia

La Constitución de un Bien de Familia, es un procedimiento especial que consiste en conservar y proteger un inmueble, dentro del patrimonio familiar, teniendo esta figura como característica principal, que el bien afectado será declarado como inembargable, es decir, estará protegido y no podría ser embargado (con algunas excepciones), por lo cual puede ser una […]