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Repatriation of Capital in the Dominican Republic

The topic of Repatriation of Capital in the Dominican Republic is a matter that draws a lot of interest. Our law firm receives a large number of legal consultations from clients who are interested in creating or forming corporations and/or companies in the country. This is because many countries have a tax rate for the Repatriation of Capital for Foreign Investment. This is not […]

Investment in the Dominican Republic

In this article, we will be explaining everything related to Investment in the Dominican Republic, along with the Tax Benefits and Incentives currently available, designed to attract Foreign Investment to the Dominican Republic. In other articles, we have elaborated on several topics of interest referring to Business and Investment in the Dominican Republic, such as Investment Opportunities in the Dominican Republic and Profitable Businesses […]

Import products in the dominican republic

Our country has shown high levels of growth in recent years, and without a doubt, some of the points that highlight its growth are foreign investment, and the revitalization of the import and export of products in the Dominican Republic, among others. The importing industry could bring with it certain negative circumstances, therefore, it is vital to contractually […]

collection lawsuit

In a Collection Lawsuit (for pesos) , having evidence that supports the debt is essential, given that in the Dominican Republic, anyone who alleges a fact through the law must prove it. It is also ideal to have a specialized Collections Lawyer, able to identify the types of actions you can pursue, based on the available proof. According […]

Sociedades Anónimas

Public Limited Companies are known throughout the world, as a type of corporation or company used in various countries. However, their composition and requirements vary from country to country. As indicated above, in this article, we will be referring to Public Limited Companies in the Dominican Republic. Most importantly, we will provide information as to […]

empresas EIRL

One of the novelties that came with Law No.479-08 on Commercial Companies and Single Member Limited Liability Companies in the Dominican Republic, is that Limited Liability companies are now known for having a Sole Owner or Sole Partner; these companies are usually referred to as “EIRL” in the country. We have previously provided information regarding […]

Currently, information is just one click away. The Dominican Republic has been one of the fastest countries in adapting to this change in how we access information. We have also understood the significance of streamlining transactions, many tax services and others (the vast majority of which can be performed online), as well as the importance […]

In other articles , we have listed all the benefits available to foreign nationals who wish to establish themselves, invest or formalize a business in the Dominican Republic. One of the most significant benefits is the simple and affordable process of creating a company or establishing a branch of a foreign company in the Dominican Republic. In […]

In the previous article, we provided information regarding the costs associated with the establishment of new foreign companies in the Dominican Republic. If you are interested in establishing and developing a foreign company or branch in the Dominican Republic, we will provide further details below on the types of companies available in the country. Commercial Companies […]