Foreigners in the Dominican Republic

Repatriation of Capital in the Dominican Republic

The topic of Repatriation of Capital in the Dominican Republic is a matter that draws a lot of interest. Our law firm receives a large number of legal consultations from clients who are interested in creating or forming corporations and/or companies in the country. This is because many countries have a tax rate for the Repatriation of Capital for Foreign Investment. This is not […]

take legal action against a hotel over an accident in the Dominican Republic

Yes, you may take legal action against a hotel over an accident in the Dominican Republic, if this accident occurred inside the premises of the hotel and the injury occurred due to negligence. However, we often say that before we even consider pressing charges, we should determine if there is sufficient evidence to win that suit. […]

Retire in the Dominican Republic

Retire in the Dominican Republic can be an attractive option for many people, due to the advantages that the country offers to foreign nationals. These advantages range from the possibility of living tax-free, to enjoying a relaxing life, and an excellent climate, among others. In this article we will explain why retire in the Dominican Republic can be the […]

Investment in the Dominican Republic

In this article, we will be explaining everything related to Investment in the Dominican Republic, along with the Tax Benefits and Incentives currently available, designed to attract Foreign Investment to the Dominican Republic. In other articles, we have elaborated on several topics of interest referring to Business and Investment in the Dominican Republic, such as Investment Opportunities in the Dominican Republic and Profitable Businesses […]

customs tax in the Dominican Republic

Individuals who establish their residence in the country may be exempt from paying customs tax in the Dominican Republic for personal furnishings. In order to be eligible for this exemption, you would need to fall into one of the following categories: Dominican citizens coming to retire Foreign nationals who establish their residence in the country There is […]

visa in the dominican republic by investment

In other articles, we have explored the different benefits of the Incentives and Tax Exemptions available for holders of Residence Visa in the Dominican Republic by Investment through Law 171-07  in the category of: Retiree ; and Rentier One of the most important reasons is the different Tax Exemptions granted to beneficiaries of these categories. IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: the tax levied on INCOME GENERATED ABROAD applicable to persons […]

Capital Gains Tax in the Dominican Republic

Capital gains tax in the Dominican Republic

  • By: Vianela Morillo
  • Tax Law

Let’s talk about Capital Gains Tax in the Dominican Republic, establishing its application and when it needs to be paid. It is always important to be familiar with the taxation system in any given country, both for its residents/citizens, as well as anyone who plans to immigrate to the Dominican Republic. We have stated previously that […]

How to cancel a timeshare in the Dominican Republic

Whenever a Timeshare is mentioned, many people see it as a scam, given that they have been quite discredited over time due to several factors not favorable to users. However, before starting this article on how to cancel a timeshare in the Dominican Republic, it would be best to start by explaining what a timeshare is: “A timeshare consists […]

impuesto sobre la renta republica dominicana

The answer to the question asked in the title of this article is YES, you must pay Income Tax in relation to your investments abroad. Additionally, as long as you are domiciled in the country, this tax applies whether you are a foreigner or a Dominican national. However, if you are a foreigner, there are exceptions for YOU, which […]