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customs tax in the Dominican Republic

Individuals who establish their residence in the country may be exempt from paying customs tax in the Dominican Republic for personal furnishings. In order to be eligible for this exemption, you would need to fall into one of the following categories: Dominican citizens coming to retire Foreign nationals who establish their residence in the country There is […]

Capital Gains Tax in the Dominican Republic

Capital gains tax in the Dominican Republic

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Let’s talk about Capital Gains Tax in the Dominican Republic, establishing its application and when it needs to be paid. It is always important to be familiar with the taxation system in any given country, both for its residents/citizens, as well as anyone who plans to immigrate to the Dominican Republic. We have stated previously that […]

impuesto sobre la renta republica dominicana

The answer to the question asked in the title of this article is YES, you must pay Income Tax in relation to your investments abroad. Additionally, as long as you are domiciled in the country, this tax applies whether you are a foreigner or a Dominican national. However, if you are a foreigner, there are exceptions for YOU, which […]

Impuesto sobre la renta en República Dominicana

In this article, we will provide more information about Income Tax in the Dominican Republic, but before going into greater detail, it is important to know the concept of this tax, which consists of the following: “It is the tax levied on any income, profit, earning or benefit obtained by natural persons, corporations and undivided […]

Main taxes in the Dominican Republic.

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Taxes are mandatory contributions that individuals and companies in the Dominican Republic must pay to government entities, such as the Tax Administration (DGII) office. Through them, the State obtains sufficient resources to carry out administration, provision of public services and perform necessary infrastructure, etc. In its portal, the DGII office defines the term taxes as follows: “Taxes […]

Due to the growth in recent years of various commercial sectors in the Dominican Republic, it has become mandatory to create tools in order to ensure they remain in service and prevent bankruptcy. By contrast, business organizations and merchants may continue their commercial activity, which contributes to the national economy. As a result of this need, Law […]

In one of our articles, we mentioned the most serious Tax Crimes and their sanctions, which are handled by the Dirección General de Impuestos Internos office (DGII) according to our legal regulations. We have spoken about the main taxes in the Dominican Republic as well. Non-compliance with these taxes results in debts with the DGII and starts a process of legal […]