Cybercrime, such as scams and extortion, has been on the rise for some time, this happens as a result of a society where technology plays a very important role. Although we do not realize it, many times these technologies facilitate and provide a habitual way for the perpetration of crime and even generate new types of infractions, […]

visa in the dominican republic by investment

In other articles, we have explored the different benefits of the Incentives and Tax Exemptions available for holders of Residence Visa in the Dominican Republic by Investment through Law 171-07  in the category of: Retiree ; and Rentier One of the most important reasons is the different Tax Exemptions granted to beneficiaries of these categories. IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: the tax levied on INCOME GENERATED ABROAD applicable to persons […]

Adult adoption in the Dominican Republic

A common question one might ask is if it is possible to adopt an adult in the Dominican Republic, the answer is, Yes. In general and common practice, adoptions usually involve minors, however, Adult Adoptions are also admitted in the Dominican Republic, so we will be explaining how this process is managed through the courts of the country. This process is […]

declaración jurada de bienes

El 8 de agosto del año 2014, mediante la Ley 311-14, fue designada a la Cámara de Cuentas de la República Dominicana, para que a través de la Oficina de Evaluación y Fiscalización del Patrimonio de los Funcionarios Públicos, se fiscalice las declaraciones juradas de los Funcionarios Públicos. La Declaración Jurada de Bienes, es una declaración hecha […]

The Dominican Republic Labor Code establishes the possibility of suspending all the employment contracts of a company. This process is done with prior authorization from the Department of Labor, and is made possible for the following reasons: Lack of raw materials, as long as it is not attributable to the employer (ordinal 8, article 51 of the Labor Code […]

Asistencia económica en caso de muerte o incapacidad del trabajador.

Como sabemos el contrato de trabajo puede terminar sin responsabilidad o con responsabilidad para las partes. El contrato termina con responsabilidad para las partes por cuatro causas: (a) desahucio. (b) despido. (c) dimisión y (d) incapacidad o muerte del trabajador. El tema que nos ocupara en esta ocasión será la parte (d) mencionada sobre incapacidad […]