How to obtain a business visa with employment purposes in Dominican Republic.

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The Dominican Republic is a country that offers many options for foreign nationals. Some of these options are to conduct businessinvest or acquire real estate. In addition, there are different options available to acquire visas, such as:

  1. Business visa with employment purposes MN1
  2. Student visa
  3. Dependent Visa
  4. Business Visa
  5. Resident visa. This visa type is intended for the following group of individuals:
  • Family Ties (family reunification by marriage or direct dependence).
  • Investors; Law 171-07
  • Pensioned, Retired or
  • Rentiers according to Law 171-07

This is covered extensively in this article.

One of the visa types with the highest demand, for temporary or long term residence, is the Business Visa for Employment Purposes. This visa (which is also known as MN1) is available for foreign nationals who need it because they have job offers in the country. 

Where can this type of visa be requested?

In the Dominican consulate of your country of origin or in the country where you have legal residence.

Do I have to be in the Dominican Republic to process this request or obtain any documents?

You do not. The process should be completed entirely by the company who made the offer, and they also are the ones responsible for sending all documentation needed for your request. Once you obtain a Residence Visa for Employment Purposes, you should enter the country as soon as possible, in order to complete your application process.

How long does it take for a Business Visa for Employment purposes to be granted?

The consulate usually responds to these requests within five (5) to fifteen (15) days. However, the part of the process that takes the longest is completing your file for the application, especially if the request was not submitted appropriately.

What are the requirements to apply for this type of visa?

  • Criminal Record History (apostilled or legalized).
  • Birth Certificate (apostilled or legalized).
  • 2×2 photo.
  • Health Certificate.
  • Job offer (registered with the Ministry of Labor).
  • Certification stating that the company has knowledge of the job offer.
  • Letter of Guarantee from the contracting company in favor of the contracted individual.
  • College and technical degrees and certificates accrediting the knowledge required for the job offer. 

What is the Integrated Employment Registration System (known in Spanish as SIRLA)?

There are two important points to take into account.

  1. SIRLA is a payroll that companies are required to have, which must be registered with the Ministry of Labor.
  1. The employment of foreigners and citizens is overseen by the Labor Code and other laws and resolutions of the Dominican Republic.

The Labor Code establishes that the percentage of foreign nationals in the personnel of a company, cannot exceed 20% and states that the rest must be Dominican citizens, in accordance with article 135.

It should be noted that there are certain positions or titles that are not limited by this regulation, along with fields that allow a greater amount of foreign citizens. Nevertheless, the general rule is 80/20.

Templates for the corresponding certification request:

Click here to access the Job Offer Model

Application for Registration of the Job Offer

SIRLA certification

After obtaining all the documentation needed, you would need to go to the Dominican consulate of the applicant’s country of origin or their country of legal residence.

Within the next five (5) to fifteen (15) days, your application will be approved or denied. In the event it is approved, you will be granted a Business Visa for Employment Purposes (MN1), thus allowing you to conduct the following in the Dominican Republic:

  • Completion of formal employment contract and registration in the Ministry of Labor.
  • Registration informal payroll and consequent registration in the Social Security Treasury.
  • Among others.

If you have an offer from a company established in the Dominican Republic, you should consider it. This country is full of growth and opportunities for all types of professionals, and the experience you will gain will provide you a sense of gratification in all aspects of your life, due to the benefits that the country offers.


Learn about the process, in order to avoid unnecessary waste of time and money.

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