What is our online consultation tool?

The MORILLO SURIEL Firm will assign one of our specialists (depending on the practice area) to your case in no more than 30 minutes. They will be contacting you to provide you with the details and price of the consultation, along with the different payment methods.

In the event you require legal services after the consultation in order to solve your case, we will provide you with an estimate with no commitment. Subsequently, MORILLO SURIEL ATTORNEYS AT LAW will provide the services you require, in the conditions specified in the estimate.

If the consultation or service requested requires a conversation with you in person, you may select the day and time that best suits your needs from the time slots we have available at that time.

Within the following five days, you will have the option to contact our office again and seek clarification of the services rendered or make a new inquiry about your case.

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    What are the benefits of our Online Consultation tool?

    • Personalized service from a subject-matter expert (the attorney with the most expertise in the matter will be assigned to your inquiry)
    • Saving on transportation expenses and more convenience, since you can receive legal aid without having to leave your home or office.
    • You can consult from within the Dominican Republic or abroad and we will provide immediate answers to your questions
    • You may seek clarification or ask a new question within 5 days after your first consultation
    • If the type of consultation or service requires it, you can interact live via telephone or Skype with your legal adviser, as you would in a consultation in person.

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