Civil Law regulates personal and asset relations between private persons, both physical and legal, of a private and public nature.

It consists of:

  1. Individual rights
  2. The legal nature of obligations and contracts
  3. Property law
  4. Civil liability
  5. Family law
  6. Inheritance law

The Morillo Suriel firm offers advisory services to its clients in all matters related to Civil Law.

We advise and assist natural and legal persons in the various aspects pertaining to Civil Law, including matters regarding individuals and families, inheritance law, contracts and obligations related to sales and acquisitions of movable and immovable property, leases, mortgages, loans and others.

Among the topics our firm covers in the field of civil law, we can mention:


Civil liability compensations

Drafting and revision of all types of contracts

Evictions for non-payment

Legal representation in all types of civil proceedings

Cancelacion de contratos tiempo compartido timeshare-servicio

Cancellation of timeshare

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