The Morillo Suriel firm, is an institution dedicated to several areas of the law and one of our specialties is the recovery of resources (at a business, commercial and private level). We are a team of experts in diverse areas, who, after having accumulated vast experience in companies of different nature of the commercial sector, now focus on credit management, collections, financial risks and legal services. We place the knowledge and experience of our team at your disposal.

n order to efficiently recover the resources your company was in danger of losing, the Morillo Suriel firm places a specialized team of professionals in collection management at your disposal. With over ten years of experience in this type of services we are prepared to assist you in reducing your operational risks while increasing the cash flow of your business.



There are multiple ways to recover your financial resources within the legal framework, we will advise you on the most appropriate way to recover your debt, contingent on the type of unpaid account.

Moreover, we perform persuasive collections, which consist of claiming the payments owed by extrajudicial means , namely by telephone contact, visits, intimation of payment and direct monitoring for each case, in order to recover the credit quickly and effectively, benefiting our clients and immediately placing the capital back in their hands.

This service is aimed at clients who need to follow up on credit collections with minimum delinquency.

Within this division, we offer services dedicated to collections, both administrative and judicial, with vast experience in handling legal proceedings for these purposes and the efficiency required for a quick resolution of the matter.

We manage outstanding credit portfolios, commercial operations, civil contracts and loans with or without collateral, using all the legal and administrative options available in the management of these cases for the recovery of the debt.

    Case evaluation

    Services we offer

    • Collection of overdue invoices
    • Civil claims for the recovery of debts
    • Criminal lawsuits for violations of Dominican Republic law on checks
    • Executive embargoes
    • Attachment prior to final ruling
    • Garnishee order
    • Attachment on real estate
    • Evictions
    • Litigation
    • Among others

    Our collection services include

    • We operate nationally and internationally
    • Representation in court proceedings
    • Specialized attorneys
    • Managing high volume of requests
    • Delivery of case status reports on a monthly basis
    • The best price in the market
    • Personalized care tailored for each client

    Service fee

    • Collection upon maturity: we will manage the case based on the nature of the credit;
    • Collections of delinquent accounts: Collection rates will be based on the amount and collection method that must be used. The methods we have are as follows:
      • By friendly payment reminders
      • By pre-judiciary means
      • By court

    If you need a legal consultation... We are available.