Under Dominican law, even if a tenant has fallen behind in rent, the lessor cannot simply force them out of the rented property. As a result, the lessor would need to obtain a court order before evicting the tenant.

Eviction Lawsuits are legal actions taken by the owner of a property, to have the tenant expelled from said property. The applicable legislation in matter of Eviction cases is Decree No. 4807, dated May 16, 1959.

Failure to comply with monthly payments, incurred by means of a rental contract, are the most common causal factors of eviction lawsuits, therefore, these are the most common claims in Magistrates’ Courts.

These lawsuits are entered as:

  1. Eviction
  2. Termination of tenancy contract
  3. Collection of pesos
  4. Claim for damages

These proceedings are always judicial in nature and cannot be settled out of court, given that in these claims, the landlord seeks the expulsion of the tenant from the leased property due to a failure to comply with their obligation to make rental payments, an order to make the rental payments that are overdue, and the termination of the rental contract. Due to the fact that you will not be able to fulfill these tasks on your own, you will need to find a lawyer who can assist you.

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