At any time in our lives, we may have been harmed by one or more people, and we may not have known how to handle that situation.

Civil cases involve a dispute between two people, which is brought before the courts through judicial means. A civil lawsuit takes place when, after a conflict between the parties, the person affected seeks to assert their rights, and in a lot of cases, they also seek compensatory damages.

The most common defense for civil proceedings are those related to divorces, claims for damages and claims for inheritance.

For many, being sued or having to sue someone, may be one of the most stressful and frustrating experiences in their life, because in addition to having to deal with judicial delay and tedious court proceedings, it is common to incur in significant expenses.

If you receive documentation notifying you of a lawsuit of any kind at your home, you cannot disregard it. Instead, you should find an attorney who can help you respond to the claim, given that if you do not present a response within the time frame established in said claim, the person who filed the lawsuit could easily win the case.

In essence, what your lawyer does is inform the court that you refute the allegations presented in the lawsuit, and all that remains is for the plaintiff to attempt to prove their case. Immediately after your lawyer presents an answer, you begin your defense.

Our firm has a large number of lawyers specialized in this matter, representing our clients before civil courts at the national level and in all types of civil matters.

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