The Morillo Suriel firm specializes in Corporate and Business Law in the Dominican Republic, counseling and offering services from all ranges of complexity in various areas.

Constitution of Dominican businesses and companies

We have both Dominican and foreign pre-constituted companies available for our clients. After its constitution, we offer legal services for the maintenance of companies, including the payment of taxes, consultations, tax advice, among other things.

Legal audits

We have extensive experience with the practice of legal audits performed for large companies. Such audits are typically intended to assist with reorganizing, merging, acquiring or privatizing.

Purchase and sale of companies, shares or businesses

We offer aid to our clients (buyers, sellers or financing institutions) with the purchasing and selling of shares or businesses.

Mergers and acquisitions or reorganizations of companies, strategic alliances

In recent years, many local companies have decided to merge or have incorporated foreign capital using these channels. We have participated in complex and pivotal mergers, business groups and corporate restructuring.

Restructuring of patrimonial assets

We provide assistance in the modification of patrimonial asset structures of various companies and individuals with the purpose of facilitating commercial transactions, as well as increasing the protection of the assets.

Restructuring and Liquidation of Companies and Merchants

We offer assistance in the Restructuring and Liquidation of Companies and Merchants based on Act No. 141-15, establishing the mechanisms and procedures to overcome the economic difficulties that might prevent you from complying with your obligations, while achieving the operational continuity of companies and merchants.

Commercial contracts (franchise agreements, distribution contracts, among others)

We provide guidance and assistance in the process of preparation and drafting regarding any type of commercial contract, maintaining its rights and prevalence.

Closing and liquidation of companies and associations in the Dominican Republic

We make the appropriate arrangements for a company or association (which is no longer operational) to effectively cease operations, by following the mechanisms established by law, hence avoiding potential repercussions.

We also provide services and legal advice in:

derecho societario

Corporate Law

Intellectual property

Health Ministry Registrations

Foreign Investment

Banking and Finance in the Dominican Republic

Commercial Law

Business Law


Establishing health centers in the Dominican Republic.

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