In our Law Firm, we have a Division specialized in Child Law, prepared to represent you in Challenge of Paternity Proceedings.


  • Birth certificate of the child or adult in question
  • Physical address of the child or adult in question
  • Copy of the claimant’s Identity Document
  • Claimant’s domicile
  • Respondent’s Home Address

Service fee

  • This will be determined based on the specific services required
  • As well as the service phase
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    Services we offer Family Law

    • Divorces of all types
    • Asset Distribution
    • Custody proceedings
    • Visitation proceedings
    • Child support
    • Among others

    Our services are known for the following:

    • We operate nationally and internationally
    • Legal representation in court proceedings
    • Specialized attorneys
    • Managing a high volume of requests
    • We keep our clients informed during the entire process
    • Submission of all documentation following proper procedures
    • The best price in the market
    • Personalized services that tailor to the needs of each individual client

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