The Morillo Suriel firm has a division specialized in Family Law, which is the area from which divorce proceedings in the Dominican Republic are derived from.

Documents required for divorce by mutual consent:

  • Duly legalized or stamped marriage certificate (if the marriage took place abroad).
  • Children’s birth certificate (if applicable).
  • Proof of asset ownership (if applicable).
  • Proof of Address for both parties.

Divorce for cause requirements in the Dominican Republic.

  • Parties have not reached an agreement or have more than thirty (30) years of marriage.
  • Establish the cause of Divorce: The reasons considered valid causes for this type of divorce are:
    • Incompatibility of character.
    • Adultery.
    • Absence of one of the parties, declared by court.
    • Criminal offence conviction of one of the spouses.
    • Cruelty or physical abuse to one of the parties caused by the other.
    • Desertion by one of the spouses.
    • Drug or alcohol abuse.

For the divorce to take place in the Dominican Republic, one of the following conditions must be met:

  • One of the parties must be a Dominican citizen (even if the marriage took place outside of the Dominican Republic);
  • The marriage must have taken place in the Dominican Republic (even if both parties are foreigners, NOT domiciled in the Dominican Republic).
  • One of the parties must legally reside in the Dominican Republic (even if they are foreigners and the Marriage took place abroad).
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