Employment issues in the Dominican Republic are common and diverse.

Act 16-92, dated May 29th, 1992, better known as the Labor Code, regulates all matters related to employment in the Dominican Republic.

Our firm’s approach when handling workplace related matters, is to focus on preventing negative incidents, thus eliminating the high costs of legal litigation.

We have subject experts qualified for these purposes. Our experts assist employers, as well as workers in their labor relations, through consulting and drafting of contracts. We represent our clients with dispute settlement, employment related lawsuits and negotiations.

The services we offer pertaining to employment law include the following:

Our advisory services cover any aspect of Labor Law. Some of these are:

  • Recruitment of National and Foreign personnel
  • Outsourcing
  • Workplace risk prevention
  • Other aspects of employment law

Our services include the defense and representation before labor courts at the national level, to resolve any type of employment dispute and Social Security conflicts.

We are experts in matters pertaining to contracts, given that these agreements are of the utmost importance in this topic.

Recruitment can be for a specific job or service, whether it be indefinite or temporary. However, if necessary we also include, specifications about the trial period, confidentiality, exclusivity and others.

The potential causes for termination of employment contracts are wide-ranging, and it is of upmost importance to know the applicable rights and procedures. As a law firm, we assist both employers and workers.

If as a worker you are a laid off, we will assist you on invalidating that motion or rendering it inadmissible, in hopes that you are reinstated and receive the corresponding compensation. Additionally, in the case of resignation, we will work with you to help you receive the rights you are entitled to by Law.

If you are the employer, we will guide you before dismissing the employee, to ensure that the process is done correctly, based on the current legislation (the same applies in the event of resignations) and to avoid lawsuits against employers as a result of a miscalculation of benefits or due to not adhering to proper guidelines.

In the event of an accident in the workplace or occupational desease, a series of benefits and compensations might come into play. Some of these are covered by Social Security but some others are not.

As a law firm, we provide our assistance in managing and carrying out the necessary steps to ensure that Social Security grants you the corresponding benefits, and to make the necessary claims for the compensations that apply to the motion in question.

In the Dominican Republic, the Social Security Office is required to pay a series of benefits.

As a law firm, we help you prepare your claim properly, to ensure you obtain all the benefits you are entitled to.

Labor inspectors are responsible for verifying compliance with labor standards.

As a law firm, we guide you in the best possible way in order to prevent sanctions or infringements resulting from inspections.

We provide our services to address any case related to employment Law.

If you need a legal consultation... We are available.