Verificación de documentación inmobiliaria en la República Dominicana

At the Morillo Suriel – Attorneys At Law Firm, our lawyers are specialized in Real Estate Law in the Dominican Republic, offering services related to this topic in a timely fashion, as needed by the type of market and the legal jurisdiction we currently have in the country.

The Dominican Republic has a great demand for the purchase and sale of real estate, making it necessary and timely to verify and evaluate the buyer, the seller, and more importantly, the legal status of said property.

We offer services regarding the status of the property and the seller, which consists on fulfilling the following tasks:

  • Legal validation of documentation
  • Request for verification of the Legal Status of a Property
  • Request Real Estate Property Tax (IPI) Certificate
  • Commercial Registry Certification Request, if applicable
  • Request and evaluation of the seller’s credit history, as a company and representative


  • General information of the Property (preferably a copy of the title).
  • Information of the seller (project and or location of the property).
  • Among others, which will be determined by verifying the peculiarities of the transaction.

Service fee

  • This will depend on the service required and its features.
  • As well as the service phas
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    Our services are known for the following

    • We operate nationally and internationally
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