breach of contract in the Dominican Republic 

Before addressing the topic of breach of contract in the Dominican Republic , we must know that a contract is a pact or agreement between two parties, in which both signatory parties commit  to comply with certain elements specified therein. These contracts should be reviewed according to the legislation of the Dominican Republic, by an attorney specialized in contracts. Through a contract, a […]

Divorce by Mutual Consent in the Dominican Republic (which was established in Dominican legislation), has always been of great interest to foreign nationals and citizens. Divorce by mutual consent, as indicated by its name, is the type of Divorce in which both spouses are interested in dissolving their marital bond. It is our understanding that this […]

Can foreign nationals in the Dominican Republic be partners of a business

The Dominican Republic is a country open to foreign investment and, above all, it facilitates the establishment of business entities in the country by foreign nationals; so much so, that there are several laws that grant benefits for that purpose. Some examples are Law No. 16-95, 171-07, among others which grant benefits to any foreign national […]

divorce by mutual consent

In our Morillo Suriel Attorneys at Law firm, we receive a lot of questions regarding how to dissolve a marriage bond through divorce proceedings. Generally, the client interested in processing their divorce is not entirely sure what type of divorce to request. In other articles, we have stated that the Dominican Republic recognizes several types of divorce, such as: Divorce […]

Requirements to travel to Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic is one of the most visited countries in Latin America. In case you are interested in entering our country, we give details about the requirements to travel to Dominican Republic and how to obtain a Simple Tourist Visa or a Business Visa. All citizens of the world can apply for a Tourist Visa […]

asylum in dominican republic

Today, due to the current state of various countries, the topic of refuge and asylum has acquired great relevance; especially to identify and explain who may be eligible and how to apply for refugee status or asylum in the Dominican Republic. In recent years, political persecution and matters related to refugee and asylum have become […]

residency dominican republic

How to obtain permanent residency in the Dominican Republic is one of the most frequently asked questions regarding immigration and foreign law in the Dominican Republic. In this article we will provide information regarding: The categories that would make you eligible for permanent residence. The legal basis. Requirements. And steps to follow to obtain it. The […]