divorce in dominican republic

In terms of costs, the divorce process in the Dominican Republic varies considerably depending on the type of divorce and who is the party requesting it. One example is how the process tends to take a little longer if the husband is the one who files the petition for divorce, compared to how long it takes if […]

Divorcio al vapor en República Dominicana

The type of Divorce known in the Dominican Republic as ‘A Vapor’ is one of the most common topics of interest for our non-citizen clients, who come to our firm seeking legal solutions. As a result, we will discuss this topic in this article, along with providing information about the benefits and the process to follow […]

A division of assets is a process that can take place during and after divorce proceedings. Due to its nature, this is a recurring topic in our Dominican legislation. This division of property can be done amicably or judicially, by a specialized court with jurisdiction. We would like to remind you that a marriage bond is severed with […]

Divorce by mutual consent, as its name implies, takes places when both spouses want to end their marriage, without controversy, problems, conflicts or discussion, but by mutual decision. This does not take away from the fact that it is still a painful and often disconsolate process to go through for one or both parties. We […]