We provide legal advice to our clients in all aspects of business and corporate law. Our clientele, comprised of a variety of companies and businesses (industry, importation, exportation, service industry, banks, etc.), requires ongoing legal advice. In as such, our lawyers have particular expertise in:

The establishment of Dominican and “Offshore” companies
Our clients have both Dominican and foreign pre-filed companies at their disposal.
After their formation, we offer legal maintenance services for companies, such as payment of taxes, consultations, fiscal advice, etc.

Legal Auditing
We have ample experience in performing legal audits for large companies, often when there is restructuring, mergers, acquisitions, or privatization.

Purchase and sale of companies, shares, or businesses
We consistently advise our clients (buyers, sellers, or financial institutions) in transactions regarding the purchase and sale of shares or businesses.

Mergers, acquisitions, corporate restructuring, strategic alliances
Recently, a large number of local businesses have decided to merge or have incorporated foreign capital using these vehicles. We have participated in complex and important mergers, business groups, and the restructuring of companies.

Restructuring of equity
We have assisted a wide range of companies and individuals in the modification of their equity structure, with the purpose of facilitating commercial transactions as well as increasing protection for said equity.