In the area of foreign investment, we offer clients general consultations regarding the investment of foreign capital in the Dominican Republic.
We take care of drafting all necessary legal documentation, as well as formalizing the required records of foreign investment, capital repatriation, and gains. This allows our clients to benefit from the provisions of our Foreign Investment Law.

The list of legal duties in relation to Foreign Investment is quite long. However, we cite the following as examples of our services:

  • Counsel for foreign companies that wish to settle in the country, from the purchase of real estate and the establishment of businesses to labor issues and taxes.
  • Complete legal advice regarding the diverse areas of possible investment in the country, such as Zonas Francas and Zonas Turisticas, among others.
  • Consultations and processing necessary under Law 173, regarding Importer Agents of Goods and Products.
  • Counsel for paperwork and authorizations that may be required as a result of your investment in the country