¿What is Online Consultation?

MORILLO SURIEL ATTORNEY AT LAW within a maximum of 30 minutes, will assign you one of our specialists (depending on the area of your query) that will contact you to confirm and specify the details, indicate the price of the consultation and payment method.

If after the consultation you require some legal service to solve your case, we will give you a budget without any commitment on your part. Then MORILLO SURIEL ATTORNEY AT LAW will provide the service under the conditions indicated in the budget.

If the consultation or service requested requires a live conversation, you can select the day and time that best suits you according to availability at that time.

Within the next 5 days, you will have the right to communicate again with our office and request any clarification about the service provided or ask additional questions about your case.

✔ ¿Which are the advantages of the Online Lawyer Consultation?

  • Personalized attention of a specialist in the area you need (you will be assisted by the most specialized expert lawyer in the subject requested)

  • Travel savings and convenience as you can get legal help without having to move from your own home or office.

  • You can consult from anywhere, both within the Dominican Republic and abroad, with immediate answers to your questions

  • You have the right to clarification, reply or new question within 5 days after your first consultation

  • If the type of consultation or service requires it, you can interact live via telephone or Skype (face-to-face) with your legal counsel, in the same way as in a face-to-face consultation.

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Online Consultation:

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