Quick Divorce in Dominican RepublicThe Dominican Republic has a quick divorce provision in the law. This is considered only by the special mutual consent divorce procedures instituted within the Dominican law for foreigners or non-resident Dominicans in another country.This type of divorce can be a solution in cases where time and money are a determining factor and the couple agrees.

Advantages of this type of Quick Divorce

  • Streamlined process
  • Promptness or speed
  • Economy (we guarantee you avoid expenses)

Dominican Republic Quick Divorce Law

Dominican Law No. 142, enacted on May 18th, 1971 on DIVORCES, requires that both parties
mutually agree to the divorce and applies to Dominican spouses residing abroad, as well as to foreigners that aren’t residents of the country.

The spouses may divorce by mutual consent provided that at least one of them appears at the hearing, and the other is represented by a special attorney. The spouse who appears at the hearing must submit to the court of attorney an identification document, which may be the identity card or passport.

You only need to stay in the Dominican Republic for 24 hours for the court hearing. The
consequent divorce sentence is issued 2-5 days after the court hearing.


  • Copy of the Marriage Certificate (translated by a judicial interpreter into Spanish).
  • Copy of the Birth Certificates of the Children (if any; translated by a judicial interpreter into Spanish).
  • Separation or Property Distribution and/or custody Agreement.
  • Power of Attorney.

Our services include

  • Professional fees
  • Drafting of settlement agreement
  • Official fees and taxes to be paid to court
  • Airport transfer if needed.
  • Trip to the court house if needed

draft-legal-document court airport- transportation

Quick Divorce Costs

2 installments of  $US 775  (total $US 1550)

(You will be charged the first installment only with your order)

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