Custody comes in play when one of the parents is interested in pursuing it, given that they do not live with the other parent.

A custody agreement can be reached the following ways:

  1. Amicably between the parents
  2. Judicially, through a Judge who will make a decision focusing on the child’s best interests

Evaluation done by the Judge to determine who should have Custody:

  1. Social, emotional, legal and financial status of each parent or guardian.
  2. Which parent offers more security, love, education and stability for the development of the child.
  3. Along with other elements specific to each case, pertaining to the child and the parents.

Requirements to request Custody:

  • The child’s birth certificate
  • Identity document for the parent or guardian submitting the claim
  • Child’s address
  • Proof of address for the minor and the respondent
  • Documentation and information supporting the request

Phases of the process:

  1. Mediation: Conducted at the Children and Adolescents Prosecutor’s Office with jurisdiction based on the child’s domicile.
  2. Judicial Proceedings: Heard by a court with jurisdiction of Children and Adolescents cases, based on the child’s domicile.

Characteristics of the process:

  1. Quick
  2. Free
  3. The priority for the judge is the child’s well being, not the particular emotions of the parents or guardian

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