Traveling for leisure, to immigrate or to work legally in a EUROPEAN UNION MEMBER STATE OR SCHENGEN STATE is of interest to many Dominicans. We offer advisory services to travel to the following countries:

1- Germany, 2- Austria, 3- Andorra, 4- Belgium, 5- Bulgaria, 6- Cyprus, 7- Croatia, 8- Denmark, 9- Slovakia, 10- Slovenia, 11- Spain, 12- Estonia, 13- Finland, 14- France, 15- Greece, 16- Hungary, 17- Ireland, 18- Italy, 19- Latvia, 20- Lithuania, 21- Luxembourg, 22- Malta, 23- Norway, 24- Netherlands, 25- Poland, 26- Portugal, 27- Czech Republic, 28- Romania 29- Switzerland and 30- Sweden.

In that respect, the Morillo Suriel firm, offers all the advisory services to visit or reside legally. The services we offer are as follows:

  • Advice and assistance in requesting transit visas for a short stay or long term visas to reside, work or study.
  • Advice and assistance in requesting tourist visas and / or visas to visit family members.
  • Work Permits.
  • Appeals for Visa denials (Optional Administrative Appeal for Review).
  • Registration of Spanish citizens as RESIDENTS in their records.
  • Registration or filling marriage, births, deaths, among other things.
  • Guidance in the process of obtaining and renewing passports from all the MEMBER STATES OF THE EUROPEAN UNION OR SCHENGEN STATES.
  • Legalization of documents (Drafting Acts or civil contracts, powers, among other things).
  • Advice and guidance in the process of obtaining citizenship.

If you need a legal consultation... We are available.