Express or ‘a vapor’ divorce in the Dominican Republic is a special expedited process that applies only to foreigners and Dominicans living abroad. With this process, one of the spouses attends a hearing in the country, in order to have a court issue a divorce decree in an effortless and timely manner.

Benefits of ‘al vapor’ Divorce in the Dominican Republic

  • Simple process
  • Quick (you would be able to finalize your divorce in less than 24 hours and return to your country)
  • Affordable (we guarantee minimum expenses)

Express Divorce Law in the Dominican Republic

Act 142, enacted on May 18th, 1971 regarding DIVORCE proceedings, states that both parties are required to mutually agree to the divorce. This applies to Dominican spouses residing abroad, as well as to foreigners that aren’t Dominican residents.

In order to obtain a divorce by mutual consent, at least one of the spouses is required to be present at the hearing, while the other spouse is duly represented through a power of attorney. The spouse who appears in court must present proof of identification (a passport or identity document).

You only need to remain in the Dominican Republic for 24 hours for the court hearing. The divorce decree is issued 2 to 5 days after the court hearing.


  • Duly stamped marriage certificate .
  • Duly Stamped birth certificate for all children born from the marriage, if applicable.
  • Copy of identity documents for both spouses.
  • Power of attorney signed by the spouse who will NOT attend the hearing (this document will be submitted by our office).
  • Any agreements reached by the spouses with regards to child support, custody and asset distribution.
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