Real Estate Law

Property Boundary

If you have ever wondered what a determination of Property Boundary Lines is, how this process works in the Dominican Republic, as well as its uses and advantages, we will provide you with a detailed explanation of the subject in this article. According to the Dominican Constitution in Article 51: “The State recognizes and guarantees the right to property. […]

eviction for non-payment

Today we will be talking about eviction for non-payment in Dominican Republic, given that we get a high volume of inquires regarding this topic from property owners who have tenants with months (or even years) of delinquency; despite the fact that they have done everything possible to recover their property through dialogue, but the tenants have […]

buying real estate in dominican republic

Before buying real estate/property in Dominican Republic it is important to take some factors into account. In this article, we will see it as PRECAUTIONS to avoid pitfalls that everyone should take into account when considering to buy real estate (a house, apartment, land, villa, among others) in the Dominican Republic, as a result of the reasons detailed herein. You should […]

duplicado de titulo de propiedad

When it comes to movable property in our country, having possession of said property has the effect of owning its title. On the other hand, in terms of real estate, we need to stop the notion that whoever loses the deed to their house, apartment, land (real estate in general) loses ownership, because that is […]