¿What is the importance of a will?

Accumulating assets is something that we all do throughout our lives, and naturally, after death we cannot specify how we want our assets to be distributed. As a result, wills are the most common legal tool used to guarantee that the last wishes of an individual, in regards to their property, are fulfilled. An inheritance is a […]

divorciarme al vapor en República Dominicana

The title of this article: “Is the ‘A vapor’ Divorce option still available in the Dominican Republic?” goes hand in hand with the novelty that comes with the new Law No. 544-14, on private international law In The Dominican Republic. This law has somehow referred to Divorce, and with it specifically to the process of ‘A Vapor’ or […]

Sociedades Anónimas

Public Limited Companies are known throughout the world, as a type of corporation or company used in various countries. However, their composition and requirements vary from country to country. As indicated above, in this article, we will be referring to Public Limited Companies in the Dominican Republic. Most importantly, we will provide information as to […]

empresas EIRL

One of the novelties that came with Law No.479-08 on Commercial Companies and Single Member Limited Liability Companies in the Dominican Republic, is that Limited Liability companies are now known for having a Sole Owner or Sole Partner; these companies are usually referred to as “EIRL” in the country. We have previously provided information regarding […]

pensión alimenticia

When it comes to minors in general, it does not matter where one of the parents may be in order to access justice, and request Child Support, Visitation or Custody (parental loss) . The child’s domicile will always be taken into account, in order to determine where the claim would need to start, regardless of the […]

The registration of trade names in the Dominican Republic is an innovative, appealing and, above all, essential topic for anyone involved in an activity that merits the use of a trade name and its protection. The registration of trade names is overseen by the National Intellectual Property Office (known in Spanish as ONAPI), which was established in May 2000. […]

The Dominican Republic is a country committed to encouraging and promoting business growth. Laws and institutions provide interested parties the tools needed to make their businesses profitable, formal and organized. This is the case with law No. 479-08 on Dominican Corporations, which started the novel and useful Limited Liability Companies (LLC). Features of LLCs Its constitution […]

It is no secret that Dominican nationals have limitations to enter many countries, where they are required to obtain a visa or permission to enter. Canada is no exception, for Dominicans to enter Canada, they are required to have a visa or entry permit contingent on the purpose or interest requested. In this article we will […]