Dominican Residence

The most frequent question among people who wish to immigrate to the Dominican Republic is: “How do I obtain residence in the Dominican Republic?” In this article, we will detail the steps you would need to follow to obtain Dominican residence. The first thing you should know is that the Dominican Government grants two types of […]

Ratification of titles in the Dominican Republic

Many people who contact us because they wish to settle in our country, usually inquire about the ratification or validation of titles in the Dominican Republic. Along with inquiring about the steps they should take to practice their career in our country. This is mandatory in the Dominican Republic in order to exercise a career or specialty that […]

residency dominican republic

How to obtain permanent residency in the Dominican Republic is one of the most frequently asked questions regarding immigration and foreign law in the Dominican Republic. In this article we will provide information regarding: The categories that would make you eligible for permanent residence. The legal basis. Requirements. And steps to follow to obtain it. The […]

business opportunities in the dominican republic

How good are the Business opportunities in the Dominican Republic? The profitability of investment in the Dominican Republic is one of the most discussed topics among foreign nationals wishing to invest in the strongest economy in Latin America. This is especially true for Venezuelan citizens, due to the volatile situation in their country. Venezuelans are […]

importance of divorce

The dream of any couple is to get married for life. However, (and unfortunately) it is currently very common for couples to decide not to be together and break the marriage bond that unites them for various reasons. In this article, we will talk about the importance of divorce. Due to multiple reasons, people decide […]

division of property in concubinage

The division of property and goods in concubinage, de facto union or common law is one of the issues that generate more questions among citizens since it is a very common social phenomenon in our society. The topic of concubinage, de facto union or common law, is a broad topic that generates many questions. Today we will talk about […]

One of the most sensitive topics legally and socially is the handling of minors, in all of its aspects. Some of these are: Their location. Who they are with. Their nourishment. Their education. And one mentioned often is the relocation of minors without proper consent, which can be considered kidnapping. National and international laws have a fast […]

Adopting in the Dominican Republic is not always a simple process, due to how sensitive the matter is. There are several types of adoptions recognized in our country. These adoption types are practically the same types that can be found internationally. However, the legal requirement and process to be followed might vary. Law 136-03, which is […]

The Dominican Republic is and continues to be one of the best options for many foreign nationals to emigrate to and establish their residence on this island, due to various situations or conditions, some of which are: The great business and investment opportunities offered by the country. The advantages and benefits of entering as a […]

To begin to discuss the issue of marriage annulments, it is vital to specify that as a result of an annulment, a marriage is treated as if it had never taken place. When the nullity is issued, both parties return to their initial marital status, as if they were never married. It is important to note […]